Clingo C API
C API for clingo providing high level functions to control grounding and solving.
Here is a list of all modules:
[detail level 12]
 Basic Data Types and FunctionsData types and functions used throughout all modules and version information
 SymbolsWorking with (evaluated) ground terms and related functions
 Abstract Syntax Trees Version 2Functions and data structures to work with program ASTs
 Grounding and SolvingFunctions to control the grounding and solving process
 Symbolic Atom InspectionInspection of atoms occurring in ground logic programs
 Theory Atom InspectionInspection of theory atoms occurring in ground logic programs
 Theory PropagationExtend the search with propagators for arbitrary theories
 Program BuildingAdd non-ground program representations (ASTs) to logic programs or extend the ground (aspif) program
 Solver ConfigurationConfiguration of search and enumeration algorithms
 StatisticsInspect search and problem statistics
 Model InspectionInspection of models and a high-level interface to add constraints during solving
 SolvingInteract with a running search
 Program InspectionFunctions and data structures to inspect programs
 Extending ClingoFunctions to customize clingo's main function