What is asprilo?

asprilo is an benchmarking framework to study typical scenarios in intra-logistics and warehouse automation with multiple mobile robots. It offers a concise specification of this problem domain accompanied by a set of tools to generate benchmark instances, verify plans, as well as visualize both instances and plans. Due to the diverse and complex nature of this domain, asprilo offers an ideal test bed not only for modern industrial scenarios but complex dynamic problems in general. Although, the implementation of asprilo relies on answer set programming (ASP) and Python, it also supports any other approach that complies with its fact-based I/O interface.

“Full Warehouse Domain” (A-Domain) “Movement-Only Domain” (M-Domain)

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A detailed documentation of asprilo’s problem domain and key components can be found at https://asprilo.github.io/


The source code of the project is available at https://github.com/potassco/asprilo