Getting Started

Answer Set Programming (ASP) offers a simple and powerful modeling language to solve combinatorial problems. With our tools you can concentrate on an actual problem, rather than a smart way of implementing it. Get started!

To get a quick first impression, you may want to experiment with running clingo in your browser.


A comprehensive documentation of our software can be found in the Potassco guide. For additional resources, see the documentation page.


To find out more about a specific system and a download link, follow one of the links below.

  • clingo is an ASP system to ground and solve logic programs.
    • gringo is a grounder (powering the grounding in clingo).
    • clasp is a solver (powering the search in clingo).
  • clingcon extends clingo with constraint solving capabilities.
  • aspcud is a solver for package dependencies.
  • asprin is a general framework for qualitative and quantitative optimization in ASP.


The source code of our projects is available on Legacy code can be found in the subversion repository on


The Labs suite comprises programs related to Answer Set Programming. These are either small utilities or projects in an early or unfinished development phase.