The Potassco Labs suite comprises programs related to Answer Set Programming. These are either small utilities or projects still under development. There is also the cemetery for superseded programs that no longer belong to the Potassco suite.

  • Benchmark Set Selection

    Scripts to create benchmarks.

  • aspartame

    A translation-based CSP Solver.

  • aspeed

    A script to compute solver portfolios.

  • asprilo

    Robotic intra-logistics with answer set progamming

  • chasp

    A tool to compose musical harmonies with ASP.

  • claspfolio

    A portfolio solver for ASP using machine-learning to configure clasp.

  • claspre

    A tool that makes clasp's pre-processing functionalities available in a stand-alone tool.

  • clavis

    A toolchain for visualizing clasp's solving process.

  • clingo[DL]

    clingo[DL] extends clingo with difference logic solving capabilities.

  • clingo[LP]

    clingo[LP] extends clingo with linear programming solving capabilities.

  • coala

    Translator from the action language BC to ASP facts.

  • dlvtogringo

    A tool to convert dlv' output to valid gringo input.

  • fimo

    A system for computing finite models of first-order theories.

  • fz2aspif

    A system for translating flatzinc csp files into the aspif intermediate format to be read with clingcon.

  • ginkgo

    A tool to generalize learned conflict constraints.

  • gtapf

    General target assignment and path finding using answer set programming

  • inca (University of New South Wales, Australia)

    A prototypical constraint answer set programming system.

  • lc2casp

    A translator for logic programs with constraint atoms to CASP.

  • lp2txt

    A script to convert files in lparse format into something more readable.

  • metasp

    Encodings implementing complex optimization criteria via meta programming.

  • misc

    A collection of miscellaneous helper scripts and files.

  • piclasp

    A script to find optimal configurations for clasp.

  • plasp

    A translator from the planning language PDDL to ASP.

  • pyasp

    A python wrapper for gringo and clasp.

  • pyngo

    A grouder implemented in python.

  • rosoclingo

    A library for ROS to plan and monitor tasks.

  • sbass (University of New South Wales, Australia)

    Tool to detect symmetries in logic programs.

  • telingo

    A solver for temporal programs.

  • xclasp

    An extended clasp version that can extract learnt constraints.

  • xorro

    Calculate a set of relevant answer sets using XOR constraints.

  • xpanda

    Solve logic programs with CSP constaints via translation.