This page collects abondoned projects or projects whose functionality has been included in our mainline systems.

  • aclasp

    Extension of clasp with a modified restart strategy.

  • aspuncud

    Solver for package dependencies.

  • claspar

    A parallel version of clasp using MPI.

  • claspd

    A modified clasp to support disjunctive programs.

  • fmc2iasp

    A system to compute finite models of first-order theories.

  • hclasp

    A modified version of clasp to incorporate domain-specific heuristics.

  • hclavis

    A combination of clavis and hclasp.

  • iclingo

    An incremental version of clingo.

  • oclingo

    A modified version of clingo for online handling of external data streams.

  • pbclasp

    A modified version of clasp to handle pseudo-Boolean problems in OPB format.

  • quontroller

    A system to interactively query ASP encodings.

  • unclasp

    An extension of clasp that implements unsatisfiability-based optimization.