by Martin Gebser, Roland Kaminski, Benjamin Kaufmann, and Torsten Schaub

Synthesis Lectures on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Morgan and Claypool

December 2012, 238 pages, doi:10.2200/S00457ED1V01Y201211AIM019, BiBTeX

Available at: Morgan and Claypool,,


Answer Set Programming (ASP) is a declarative problem solving approach, initially tailored to modeling problems in the area of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KRR). More recently, its attractive combination of a rich yet simple modeling language with high-performance solving capacities has sparked interest in many other areas even beyond KRR.

This book presents a practical introduction to ASP, aiming at using ASP languages and systems for solving application problems. Starting from the essential formal foundations, it introduces ASP’s solving technology, modeling language and methodology, while illustrating the overall solving process by practical examples.

Table of Contents

  1. Motivation
  2. Introduction
  3. Basic modeling
  4. Grounding
  5. Characterizations
  6. Solving
  7. Systems
  8. Advanced modeling
  9. Conclusions